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choosing a pediatriciaN

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1 – 7, You highly value Convenience 


Your time is valuable! Quick and easy access to your pediatrician and information about your child’s health is highly desired.


8 – 15, You highly value Complexity 


It is important to you that the pediatrician has good, working relationships with specialists and knows about community resources for your child and family!  Ability of the pediatrician to care for children with special health care needs is highly desired. A child with special health care needs may have a chronic physical or developmental condition that requires use of health services beyond what is required generally for a child.


16 – 23, You highly value Relationship


You want your child to have a close bond with their pediatrician! Long-term, consistent contact with a pediatrician is highly desired. It is important to you that your child sees the same pediatrician from birth until adolescence and that your family has a relationship with the pediatrician.


24 or higher, You want it all


And we don’t blame you. If this is the case, take time to think about what you value most in a pediatrician and what services you want your child’s doctor to provide. Jot down your thoughts and questions and discuss them with your network of friends, family and coworkers. This network may help you find the pediatrician that fits most of your wants. You can also check out the American Academy of Pediatrics database of board-certified pediatricians here.

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