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Wolomi is the only online pregnancy community for women of color, by women of color. Membership to Wolomi gives you access to maternal health experts, events, and a community of amazing women. Your support allows us to continue our efforts in improving maternal health outcomes for women of color. It also allows us to provide access to women who may not be able to afford app membership. 


Let’s do motherhood together! Connect, share and learn from other sistas and find the support you need on your pregnancy journey. The Wolomi membership includes a gallery to share your experiences with other mamas and a memoriam to remember the angels we’ve lost.

Find your pregnancy bliss! Wolomi offers you advice from experts, healthy alternatives to cravings, and assessments to check on how you’re doing along the way. Leave the stress, find the joy.

Get support from maternal health experts.  Membership includes virtual group coaching, online courses and community discussions led by a registered nurse. Other experts contribute article posts, and lead discussions and events.  

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Hi sistas, My name is Layo George, and I am the founder of Wolomi. As a mom and women’s health nurse, I was inspired to start Wolomi to address the national maternal health crisis facing women of color. Drawing upon both expert healthcare knowledge and the power of solidarity, our online community helps prepare women to navigate pregnancy, birth, and postpartum with joy and confidence. With Wolomi, the focus is always your pregnancy, better outcomes, your way.

Download the FREE app, and join our community today at no cost for a limited time – we are in this together. 

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"What I love about the Wolomi community is it’s a diverse community. I've felt comfortable enough to share my experiences and ask questions. Moms get judged a lot so it feels good to be able to relate to women who won’t judge."

Kimberly, Wolomi mom


Based in Washington, D.C., Wolomi is here to partner with you to help improve health outcomes for the community we serve. Get in touch with us today.


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